OMRON and Automation Innovation take their partnership to a new level

Established in 2008, the Melbourne-based company specialises in custom machinery, robotics and automation solutions for manufacturing plants, factories, and assembly lines.

Automation Innovation are leaders in industrial automation and robotics engineering.

Established in 2008, the Melbourne-based company specialises in custom machinery, robotics and automation solutions for manufacturing plants, factories, and assembly lines.

Automation Innovation delivers precision engineering, custom machinery, tooling, laser cleaning and automation solutions across a broad cross section of industries.

This includes food and beverage, packaging, logistics, mining, marine, automotive and defence.

Automation Innovation co-founders, Walter Meyler and Marcus Clarke, have more than 45 years’ combined experience in the robotic and automation sector.

Their team of highly qualified professionals have the expertise needed to take projects from concept to implementation.

At Automation Innovation, customers are offered a complete solution – from simple tooling and fixtures through to complete plant design.

The team works closely with its customers to design, develop and deliver machines to suit all levels of needs.

Competitive edge

R&D remains a top priority.

Through extensive research and development, Automation Innovation stays at the forefront of technology to give the company a competitive edge in the world of high-tech automation.

Automation Innovation has strategic alliances with world leading suppliers in electronics, robotics and Industry 4.0 technology – including OMRON.

Since its inception Automation Innovation has had a close relationship with OMRON, collaborating on several major projects.

“OMRON has always been a preferred supplier,” says Mr Meyler.

Automation Innovation uses a wide range of OMRON automation equipment including PLCs, HMIs, vision systems and smart cameras, sensors and touch screens.

More recently, OMRON has been working with Automation Innovation to deliver collaborative and mobile robotic solutions.

“That is major growth area for us going forward,” says Mr Meyler.

Mr Meyler says the successful working relationship with OMRON has endured for two key reasons.

“The main reason is because their equipment is very user friendly and can be easily integrated into existing systems.

“Secondly, OMRON’s technical support is second to none – and that’s a big part of it.”

Earlier this month, Automation Innovation strengthened its relationship with OMRON by joining its Accredited System Integrator (ASI) program.

On-going support

Under the program, OMRON partners with approved system integration companies that install Omron Electronics’ products into end users’ facilities and OEMs Machinery.

“Our relationship with OMRON has always been super strong and the new agreement will further strengthen and officiate the partnership,” says Mr Meyler.

“Also, our team will be given more technical support and training to be even more proficient when it comes to OMRON products.”

And through the ASI Program, clients can expect first-class service and on-going expert support, he says.

OMRON Oceania MD, Henry Zhou looks forward to continuing the strong relationship with the Automation Innovation team.

“We welcome Walter and his team to the ASI program and the many benefits that will flow for both companies.”