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Catch up with the latest news and exciting events from Omron in Australia, New Zealand and abroad. 

Meet Shawn Cowdrey, Omron Sales Engineer

Shawn Cowdrey is a sales engineer with the OMRON Melbourne team.

In line with our company philosophy, Shawn’s main focus is to improve lives and contributing to a better society.

In this Team Interview, Shawn explains how he achieves that goal.

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Meet OMRON Application Engineer Chris Free

OMRON Application Engineer Chris Free is an expert in Industrial Vision Systems.
Much of his time is spent in factory sites across Queensland conducting inspections, with a focus on quality assurance.
Chris plays a key role in providing OMRON customers and the sales team with technical information and training.

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Omron partners with JH Tester to deliver cutting-edge automation solutions

JH Tester Industrial Automation is a family-owned business based in western Sydney specialising in innovative automation solutions.
Last month, Omron Oceania Managing Director Henry Zhou proudly signed a new three-year partnership agreement with JH Tester Industrial Automation under the Accredited System Integrator (ASI) Program.
The agreement is a “win-win” for both companies – and most importantly for end-users.

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Swarm Intelligence

Swarm Intelligence joins OMRON NZ’s creative ‘hive’

Great minds think alike. Swarm Intelligence is an innovative NZ company specialising in process control and automation as well as industrial and electrical installation and plant maintenance. As their name suggests, Swarm Intelligence strongly believes in the power of “collective thought”. That’s why they’ve partnered with Omron NZ as an Accredited System Integrator (ASI).

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OMRON launches mobile robot with 1500kg payload capacity

Meet the strongest member of Omron’s mobile robot family

The HD-1500 is the strongest and newest addition to Omron’s mobile robot fleet.

It’s ideal for today’s smart factories, where autonomous material handling solutions need to manage more demanding industrial automation tasks.

See how the HD-1500 can boost productivity in your factory or warehouse.

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NZ Controls adds spark to Omron SI program

NZ Controls, an engineering consulting company specialising in electrical and automation solutions, has enjoyed a close working relationship with Omron for more than 15 years ago.

This month, the company joined Omron NZ’s rapidly growing Accredited System Integrator (ASI) program.

Find out how Omron’s ASI Program can benefit automation companies and their clients.

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RICADO joins OMRON NZ System Integrator program

RICADO is a company recognised throughout New Zealand for its innovative automation solutions.

The company recently signed an exclusive agreement to join Omron NZ’s prestigious Accredited System Integrator program.

Through the ASI Program clients can expect first-class service and on-going expert support.

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