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MX-Z Fiber Laser Marker – High quality, fast and reliable marking

Omron’s range of fiber laser marker (MX-Z) is ideal for deep or shallow engraving for metals and fine mark processing for plastics. With durable IP65 certification, the laser head has a double glass cover for stable operation even in dusty and wet environments. MX-Z further meets international standards and regulation with two built-in safety relay circuit to meet with ISO 13849-1 (JIS-B9705-1) criteria. 


Aug 23 ,2017 Published in Product Updates

Next-Generation Digital Temperature Controller (E5CD/E5ED)

Omron’s new E5CD/E5ED digital temperature controllers are the industry’s first controllers that can automatically adjust temperature parameters using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

These state of the art temperature controllers come in two models: E5CD (48 × 48 mm) and E5ED (48 × 96 mm) respectively with depth of 60 mm. Models are available with up to 2 auxiliary outputs and 2 event inputs, and various control outputs to cover a wide range of applications. 


Aug 01 ,2017 Published in Product Updates

Compact NX-Series I/O System

Omron’s NX Series is a compact I/O system that integrates standard I/O and safety within an I/O station. It features two network connections to support global open networks with the choice of either EtherNet/IP or EtherCAT communication coupler units. 

This unique I/O system is equipped with a various number of inputs and outputs for any application including digital, analogue, weighing, temperature control, motion and safety control. At only 12 mm width, this unit offers up to 16 digital or 8 analogue channel signals.


Jul 27 ,2017 Published in Product Updates
Tags : NX I/O SYSTEM ,

How Technology has Advanced Mobile Robots and Improve Food Processing


Tuesday 18-July-2017 13:00-13:30

Robots are being increasingly used to improve efficiency and productivity in manufacturing processes. While many people are familiar with fixed mounted robots, there have also been significant advances in mobile robot technology recently.

Mobile robots are able to carry loads between locations, and can do so 24/7 without rests or breaks. As the loads they convey can be hazardous, heavy or in hard-to-reach places, it’s highly desirable to automate this common but mundane and sometimes dangerous task. 


Jul 05 ,2017 Published in Articles


Omron’s Global Product Marketing Manager for robotic products, Mr Eduardo De Robbio visited Australia for the first time last month to discuss global trends.

He was joined by Mr Vivekanand Patil, a Senior Manager from the Automation Centre in Omron’s regional headquarters in Singapore.

They spent three days in Melbourne, sharing their knowledge and know-how with Omron staff and customers. Omron specialise in integrated control solutions for machines, where robotic control is combined with the rest of the manufacturing process.


May 23 ,2017 Published in Articles
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Redevelopment of aquatic centre creates quite a splash

The Ruth Everuss Aquatic centre at Lidcombe in Sydney’s west has been closed since June 2015 for extensive redevelopment. However, the reopening in April 2017, unveiled a site that had been transformed into a state of the art facility.

While the transformation has undoubtedly been significant, great care has been taken to preserve the heritage status of the facility, which was built in 1959. Some of the existing buildings were demolished, but many have remained or been refurnished, examples include the grandstand, stanchion and shelters around the main 50m pool, which will include a ninth lane and ramp for wheelchair access. While many new facilities were built, it was mandated that the look of any new construction fit in with the existing facilities.


May 18 ,2017 Published in Articles

Sydney automation company hatches new plan to boost poultry production

Poultry producers have been using incubators to hatch eggs for more than a century.

It’s a method that dates to the early Egyptians.

A modern incubator is a device that aims not just to simulate but exceed the results from natural avian incubation. They create the perfect environment and condition for an egg to incubate because it regulates the factors such as temperature, humidity, and turning the eggs when necessary to hatch them.


May 18 ,2017 Published in Articles

Leading food company tastes success with Omron’s latest technology

Many Australians may not be familiar with the name Newly Weds Foods, but most of us have sampled their products.

Newly Weds Foods (Australia) is a joint venture between George Western foods in Australia and Newly Weds Foods in the US. They’re a global company specialising in Japanese Style Bread Crumbs (panko) plus a complete range of coatings, seasoning blends, marinades, premixes, batters and crumb to suit every application.

Established in the US more than 80 years ago, Newly Weds Foods now boasts more than 25 manufacturing facilities globally and customers in over 68 countries around the world.


May 18 ,2017 Published in Articles

How robotics is transforming Australia’s healthcare industry

With an aging population worldwide, the healthcare industry is now looking to the future for solutions.

There has been a global trend for medical facilities to become more automated – and this trend is rapidly gaining momentum.

In Australia and other advanced nations, robots are set to revolutionise healthcare.

Surgical robots have been used since the early 2000s, enabling surgeons to perform delicate work with greater precision, flexibility and improved reach.


May 18 ,2017 Published in Articles

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