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Power Monitors KM-N2 / KM-N3

With global energy costs rising, power monitoring has become increasingly important. Omron’s KM-N2 and KM-N3 power monitors offer a choice of both panel mounted installation or DIN-rail mounting for in-panel control panels.

The KM-N2 offers numerous advantages, such as high precision power measurements for inside control panels, and a 9 digit, 7-segment display. The lettering used is large and white for added brightness and improved visibility. It accepts all international voltages and can function with either single or three phase connections, using 2, 3 or 4 wire circuits. Up to four standard CTs (Current Transformers) can be connected to one unit.

The KM-N3 can precisely measure up to four circuits per unit with IEC class of 0.5S. It features a large, easy to read white and green LCD for efficient visibility. Each power monitor can detect incorrect wiring connections and have special mechanisms for countering RF noise generated by inverters. RS485 is provided as standard for communications to a central monitoring system, using Modbus-RTU or CompoWay/F protocols.

The KM-N units are part of a whole series of new panel components that have a consistent look and feel, and are black. All panel components within the range are DIN-rail mounted with retentive clamp, and have a footprint with a common height of 90mm. This simplifies wiring, improves heat dissipation in the panel and removes dead space that occurs when adjacent components have varying heights.


      - High-precision power monitor for on or in control panel applications

      - Handle circuits up to 3-phase 4-wire and 3-phase 480 V

      - Push-In Plus Terminal Block for easy wiring

      - Large, easy-to-read LCD

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