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MX-Z Fiber Laser Marker – High quality, fast and reliable marking

Omron’s range of fiber laser marker (MX-Z) is ideal for deep or shallow engraving for metals and fine mark processing for plastics. With durable IP65 certification, the laser head has a double glass cover for stable operation even in dusty and wet environments. MX-Z further meets international standards and regulation with two built-in safety relay circuit to meet with ISO 13849-1 (JIS-B9705-1) criteria. 

MX-Z features two operation modes including standard mode and an Energy Enhanced Mode (EE) that allow users to choose from fine detail or deep engraving depending on their application. The standard mode offers flexible pulse control of up to 1MHz (1 – 20 pulses adjustable) for optimum high-speed marking. While the EE mode is ideal for deep engraving of metal and intense energy processing with increased pulse control of up to 30 pulses.

Using flexible high-precision Z-axis, marking on 3D objects is possible including sloped, curved, conical or sphere-like surfaces, without any additional software requirement. Now you can clearly mark on any object at a high speed due to Omron’s Galvano Dynamic Acceleration Control (G-DAC) feature which adjusts the speed according to the marking details for clean marking. All the marking data can be edited on the laser marker without the need for an additional software, simplifying the process.

The MX-Z series can work stand alone with its direct finder link feature, which directly connects the image processing system to the laser marker. Alternatively, the MX‑Z can also connect to various external devices (like PLCs, etc.) via either EtherNet/IP or serial communications, or digital I/O. The data of each product marked is archived and can be easily configured through a traceability system that can log marking data, time, power check result, laser operating time, etc. This is essential during preventative maintenance, decreasing equipment downtime and improving overall performance.

Key features:

-          Fine detail or deep engraving for a variety of materials and applications

-          Z-axis flexibility for 3D marking

-          High-speed marking with G-DAC (OMRON-developed Galvano Dynamic Acceleration Control)

-          Position-correction without the need of a PLC

-          Ability to integrate external control including EtherNet/IP™

-          Durable IP65 laser head to be used in dusty and wet environment

-          Meets the ISO 13849-1 (JIS-B9705-1) safety requirements

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