Oct 28 ,2017 Writen By: Kalle Serdar

ZX1 & ZX2 Series: Compact Displacement Sensor

Omron’s ZX1 and ZX2 are highly stable, easy and affordable range of compact laser displacement sensors. Providing best-in-class speed and accuracy, and response times of only 60 μs and a measuring cycle of 30 μs. They are able to accurately measure any color or surface conditions including dark matte or shiny surfaces which were previously challenging to detect. Thus reducing stoppages in your manufacturing plant in case of surface changes. This optimized productivity is due to advanced HSDR (High Speed Dynamic Range) CMOS camera chip and the step-less laser power adjustment algorithm for stable measurement. 

Featuring a  wide measuring distance of 20 mm to 1000 mm, allows these sensors to provide solutions for a wide range of applications including cap detection, palletization, confirming number of washers, measuring depth of a thread etc. Moreover, both of these sensors feature an integrated amplifier with all-in-one housing and IP67 rating for high reliability and use in any environment. The compact sizing makes easy mounting possible with integrated LED for effortless reading of measurements.

ZX2 provides additional functionality of ZX1 including average, peak-to-peak, sample, bottom and peak timing measurements. The sensor can be set to three tunings: single smart tuning for one type of object detection, multi-smart tuning ideal for changing objects, and active smart tuning for configuration of variable workpieces. Smart Tuning allows for a user friendly configuration reducing set-up time with just one press of a button measurement. The laser diode lifespan is automatically detected and visualized by a LED on the main digital display of the amplifier. This is essential to prevent stoppages of production-lines as it alerts the user when lifetime has been reached.


  •       Wide ranges of sensing distance and applications
  •       Best-in-class performance for accuracy and speed
  •       Compact sensor for easy mounting – plug and play
  •       Integrated amplifier and display
  •       Smart Tuning for user-friendly operation
  •       IEC 60529, IP67 degree of operation for use in harsh environment 
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