Step by Step Guide - Getting Started: Microsoft SQL Server X OMRON NJ/NX Database MAC

Updated April 27, 2022


This document will demonstrate how to connect an OMRON NX102-1020 (database model) PLC to a MS SQL Server database. For this document, MS SQL Server 2019 will be used locally on a PC with IP address


Installation of MS SQL Server 2019

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Step1 - Setting the Network

In the multiview explorer, under Configurations and Setup -> Controller Setup -> Built-in EtherNet/IP Port Settings

Keep default IP address for the OMRON NX102-1020 PLC as :

Step 2 - SQL Server Configuration

On the Windows PC open SQL Server Configuration Manager

Under SQL Server Services make sure SQL Server (SYSMACDEMO) and SQL Server Browser are both running.


Under SQL Server Network Configuration -> Protocols for SYSMACDEMO make sure TCP/IP is Enabled.

Run SQL Server Management Studio

Connect to your SQL Server in this case SYSMACDEMO

Once connected right click the server and go to Properties

Under Security, make sure Server Authentication uses SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode. Press OK.

Right click Database and add a New Database. Give the database a name in this case SysmacDB

Step 2 - Creating a Table using a New Query

Create a table named OmronDemoTable via a query on SQL Server Management Studio. The table will consist of:

    Product_ID of type INT

    Product_Name of type varchar(50)

    Product_Quantity of type INT

    Batch_Date of type datetime

    Discontinued of type bit

Highlight Tables and add a New Query (Ctrl + N).

Add the following code to create the table with the listed columns and data types then click Execute to run the query to create the table.

In the Object Explorer window click on the refresh button, this will refresh the SysmacDB to include the newly added dbo.OmronDemoTable.

Step 3 - Configuring Database Security and adding the NJ/NX MAC as a User

In the Object Explorer Window under Security -> Logins, right click and add a New Login. 

Under General

Login name:                    OmronNX102

SQL Server Authentication (selected):

Password:                    Omron2020

User must change password at next login:    unticked

Default database:                SysmacDB

Under Server Roles, have public and sysadmin ticked.

Under Users Mapping tick the SysmacDB Map box and under Database role membership for: Sysmac DB, make sure db_owner and public are ticked. Click OK

Step 4 - NJ/NX Database Connection Configuration

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