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Find the latest articles handcrafted by our team to help you. You'll find start-up and configuration guides, troubleshooting tips and a general FAQ. If you can’t find an article be sure to suggest it to us. Please refer to these Precautions and Terms and Conditions

Knowledge Base

Find the latest articles handcrafted by our team to help you. You'll find start-up and configuration guides, troubleshooting tips and a general FAQ. If you can’t find an article be sure to suggest it to us. Please refer to these Precautions and Terms and Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

February 10, 2023

How can I confirm the Price & Availability of Omron products?

Our eStore is the ideal place to check on our current product availability. Please visit our website: and enter the product description or part number in the search bar, select the desired product and you will be able to s

February 10, 2023

OMRON Lead times

How can I determine the lead time for a given product? If you access our e-store at and click on the product link, the lead times are displayed on the webpage. If you still are unsure or unable to find the lead time, you c

November 07, 2023

How can I request a Warranty Claim on OMRON products?

OMRON has high quality products that are designed for a very long service life. In order to help support our products and our valued customers, we have a simple warranty claims process to allow the returns and assessments of our products.  Please no

March 22, 2023

Linking your e-Store login to an existing Omron credit account or via creating a new credit account

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March 23, 2023

Multi-account or sub-account setup for your Organisations e-Store account

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January 31, 2022

Where can I get the latest version of Sysmac Studio and CX One?

OMRON AutoUpdate Utility OMRON software is normally updated using the OMRON Automation Software AutoUpdate utility. The very latest version of the software is not always available on the internet. However it is possible to download a recent version f

January 31, 2022

Where can I download Sysmac Libraries?

OMRON Sysmac Studio uses libraries to add functionality to the controller. This is done by using Sysmac Reusable Libraries (.slr files).  Official Libraries While the user can create their own library, OMRON has an official set of Library files loca

October 05, 2022

Procedure of Manually Uninstalling the Sysmac Studio

Introduction This guide aims to provide a procedure of a full uninstall of the Sysmac Studio and CX-One manually, including deleting the remaining folders, files and registry keys. Pre-Requisites Sysmac Studio or CX-One is installed in the Windows OS

January 31, 2022

How to fix Direct Connection issues for CP PLCs

Scenario The Host PC is directly connected to the CP PLC using a patch (RJ45) cable but CX-Programmer is unable to establish the connection: Solution 1. Make sure the cable is firmly plugged into both PLC and PC. 2. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\O

April 11, 2024

Configuring Analog Expansion Units for CP1 series PLC

Introduction This article covers how to set up the analog expansion modules for the CP series PLCs. Warning Analog expansion units won't read ANY values until their range code has been set.  Warning The range code must be written to the IO area ever

May 02, 2024

Using CP1 Modbus Control For MX2 Inverter Drives

Introduction This document describes the procedure to configure and connect a CP1L-M30 PLC to an MX2 inverter drive for simple motion control using Modbus RTU. This example is intended for a new CP1/MX2 user and illustrates easy programming and confi

July 26, 2023

Common Batteries Used in OMRON Appliances

Introduction Most commons batteries used in OMRON PLCs and other OMRON appliances.  The 3G2A9-BAT08 is discontinued and replaced by the C500-BAT08   Type of Battery Family CPM2A-BAT01 CPM2A, CPM2C, CQM1H, CJ1, NS7 CPM2C-BAT01 CPM2C CS1W-BAT01 CS1(-

February 10, 2022

How to Set-Up Implicit and Explicit Messaging with Omron and Rockwell PLC's

Introduction Briefly outline the purpose of this help guide and what hardware and software it applies to Pre-Requisites Please link any other KB articles or prior knowledge here which are referenced here Further Reading Any manual references can be p

May 28, 2024

Step by Step Guide - Getting Started: Microsoft SQL Server X OMRON NJ/NX Database MAC

Introduction This document will demonstrate how to connect an OMRON NX102-1020 (database model) PLC to a MS SQL Server database. For this document, MS SQL Server 2019 will be used locally on a PC with IP address Pre-Requisites Install

June 02, 2022

Step by Step Guide: IO-Link configuration with NX

Introduction The purpose of this document is to demonstrate how to connect and configure IO-Link master ILM400 with NX PLCs. For testing, E3S-F1500 IOLink sensor is used. Prerequisites  The programmer should have better understanding of Sysmac Studi

February 29, 2024

Step by Step Guide - NA5 remote monitoring/operation via VNC

Introduction This guide will demonstrate how to setup your OMRON NA5 HMI for viewing and/or operation remotely with VNC (virtual network computing). This can be achieved with a local network connection or remotely via a modem. Pre-Requisites <add

May 03, 2022

How to Use Special Characters in Sysmac

Special Characters in Sysmac Sysmac supports the use of special characters when displaying text on an NA HMI. The below table shows supported special characters that are available to use: No. Description Example 1 Dollar sign $$ 2 Single quote $' 3 L

February 02, 2022

NA Screen - Switch to the Home Screen after x time of inactivity

Scenario You would like your NA Screen to automatically navigate to a Home screen or a screen of your choosing when a period of inactivity has past. Solution Step 1 : Set the Screen Saver inactivity time In Sysmac Studio under the NA screen setup sec

June 02, 2024

Setting up Sensorless Vector Control for MX2s

Introduction This guide explains the steps to set up Sensorless Vector Control. Sensorless Vector control is suitable for applications that require an improved relationship between output torque and rotation speed. It is designed to assist applicatio

February 15, 2022

How to connect a braking resistor to MX2 series VSD

Resistor Selection Warning Check the minimum connectable resistance for the VSD. Do not connect a resistor with a resistance less than the rated minimum. Refer to the below table for braking resistor rated for a 10% ED. To calculate the required powe

February 09, 2022

How to Power Up the 3G3MX2 VSD without AC Power

3G3MX2 External Supply for the Control Circuit The MX2 can be supplied with power from the control board without additional devices. Doing so will power both the control board and option boards. To power the control circuit, connect a 24VDC supply be

March 01, 2023

Why is the Quattro iX4 robot special?

3 Arm Delta Robots In the world of pick and place, the Delta Robot is in a league of its own. These robots are characterized by long arms that lead from shoulder joints to a platform. The motors are fixed in space, ie they do not move with the robot,

April 04, 2023

ACE to Robot Connection Issue

Scenario When trying to connect to an OMRON robot using ACE 4.4 or 4.5, the robot is unable to be discovered by ACE. However, the PC can ping the robot. The above diagram shows the controller discovery window, and the connected robot controller does

February 20, 2023

ePLC I4L sample code

We have created a Sysmac Studio project with code to operate an i4L robot with PLC instructions via ePLC Connect and how to exchange deta between a Machine Controller and robot via ePLC IO Please download from these links ePLC Connect program example

February 20, 2023

Precautions and Terms and Conditions

General Precautions The following guide is intended for the persons specified under the section “Intended Audience” below. Please note that all users who refer and/or rely on this guide are deemed to accept full responsibility for any reference a

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