Step by Step Guide: IO-Link configuration with NX

Updated June 02, 2022


The purpose of this document is to demonstrate how to connect and configure IO-Link master ILM400 with NX PLCs. For testing, E3S-F1500 IOLink sensor is used.


The programmer should have better understanding of Sysmac Studio and IO-Link technology


Please refer to these Precautions and Terms and Conditions‍ which relate to the information and program samples provided before proceeding



Create a new project by selecting a NJ(NX) of your choice

Step 2

Go to the CPU rack, drag PF0630 card and then drag ILM400 from the Toolbox section to the CPU/Expansion Racks display section

Step 3

Change the parameters like Process data in/data out length as per the value provided in IOLink devices (sensor or actuators)

Step 4

Right click on the ILM400 and select IO-Link master simple settings

Step 5

Select the IOLink sensor from the list (right side) and drag it to the Port 1

Step 6

Click edit i/o allocation settings 

Step 7

Click input data set 1 and verify I/O entries included in as per the image below. 

Step 8

Go to the IO Map, right click on Port Input Data01/02 and select create Device Variable with Prefix

Step 8

Go online and verify the data from the sensor

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