E32 Robot application

Free moving multicore fibers for 1 mio bending cycles
Square shapes for easy surface installation
Cylindrical sizes from dia 1.5 mm to M6


There are models in this series

E32-D21 2M

Fiber optic sensor, diffuse, M3, robotic fiber R4, 2m cable

E32-D22B 2M

Fiber optic sensor, diffuse,dia 1.5mm head,high-flex fiber R1,2m cable


Fibre optic sensor, diffuse, M6 with sleeve,spiral flex cable,2m cable

E32-T11 2M

Fiber optic sensor, through-beam, M4, 2m cable

E32-T15XB 2M

Fiber optic sensor,through-beam,square shape, obotic fiber R4,2m cable