Since the condition of the motor can be displayed in numeric values on the LCD, the motor condition can be checked without a dedicated tool. The alarm output settings can be made according to the device, with reference to the threshold value that has already been set by default.
Depending on the threshold value setting for alarm output, the condition of the motor can be displayed on an alarm bar in three colors; Green (normal), Orange (warning), and Red (critical).
Equipped with a transistor output that externally outputs the status of the motor and error states of the K6CM-CI2M main unit.
Monitoring can be performed easily on the PC by EtherNet/IP communication and a dedicated tool.
The numeric values of vibrations, temperature, insulation resistance, and current can be monitored by the same dedicated tool.
The trend of the motor condition can be monitored by a dedicated tool, and thus indications of a degradation can be monitored.
Clamp-type CT/ZCT that supports easy post installation. With a clamp-type CT/ZCT, the device can be installed without changing or removing the existing wiring, which makes post-installation easy.
Comes with the self-diagnosis function of the main unit internal circuit and analog sensing circuit.
Push-in Plus Terminal Technology reduces wiring work (double-insertion holes for crossover wiring).
UL listed for easy shipping to North America (ZCT (IRT) is UL recognized).


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