IoT Ready: OPC UA server built-in as standard feature, variable structures are supported
Database direct connection: SQL client for server Microsoft SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL
Cloud direct connection: MQTT(S) communications are supported using MQTT Communication Library
Database direct connection in V2.0 is expanded with stored procedure calls and secure communications functionality
Large memory for data handling. 33.5 MB for variables
Battery-less controller
Cycle time: from 1 ms
Up to 12 axes (8 synchronized motion axes & 4 PTP)
One unique and synchronized cycle for local & remote I/O, EtherCAT devices and motion control
Multi-tasking controller
Expanded network connectivity, 2x Ethernet ports + 1 EtherCAT
Up to 32 local NX units, including Safety and IO-Link master
Support up to 64 EtherCAT nodes (400xNX units)
EtherCAT Ring topology is supported to maintain communications and control in case of a broken cable or device failure


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